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Late Roman army Re-enactment
Is there any late roman groups in eastern Washington state?
If so please let me know.
There's three in the US, my group (Placidi Valentinian Felices) in South Carolina, the Cornuti Seniores in Texas, and the Secunda Brittanici in the Northeast, a few in Virginia, a few in New York or something.

I'm afraid I don't know of any more, but if you need help with information or equipment feel free to ask me or Robert or one of the other Late Romans here.
Do you have any contact info for the Secunda Britannici? --John
John Dos
They're part of Legio IX Hispana, so your best bet would be to go to their website, email Marsh Wise or Rob Zienta, and ask him.

I kinda pissed off Lynn and the Secunda Britannici when I told them they were using inaccurate gear...

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