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Roman Shoes by Crispianus
For threads like this one, I love the RAT. Thankee-sai.
(08-05-2018, 02:08 PM)Gaius V. Wrote: For threads like this one, I love the RAT. Thankee-sai.

Your Welcome

Damendorf... this shoe is based on Margerethe Halds book "Primitive shoes" and is around 28cm long though it was likely larger originally, included here because shoes of this general type have also turned up in Roman contexts (See Cuijk)


Dating is 135-335ad, but based on the other finds this probably belongs at the end of this period.
Expanded leather techniques are often used in making Roman Carbatinas, so this may be some indication of Roman influence on Germanic shoe design...
Colour is Vinegar and iron (see previous posts)

See also:
For Damendorf:
"Lederfunde der Vorrömischen Eisenzeit und Römischen Kaiserzeit aus Nordwestdeutschland" Julia Gräf 2015
For similar shoes:
"Nieuwe schoenen uit een oude put: ledervondsten uit Wijster" Carol van Driel Murray 2005
"Mode in de nadagen van het keizerrijk: de schoenen van Cuijk" Carol van Driel Murray 2007

"And the four bare walls stand on the seashore. a wreck a skeleton a monument of that instability and vicissitude to which all things human are subject. Not a dwelling within sight, and the farm labourer, and curious traveller, are the only persons that ever visit the scene where once so many thousands were congregated." T.Lewin 1867

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