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"New Procedures" at ??
Hi, I've got my regular Newsletter from "".
Upon trying to log in I got the message:
"Your account was flagged as suspicious, and your reconsideration request is awaiting manual review. We're sorry for any inconvenience."
Any attempts to "get in" have been blocked ever since -- at one time even "showing up" the same silly pics test that "Google Scholar" uses to spice up my life.
Anyone got ideas/news why they changed their policy ??

Greez & Thanks


I will not let me be bullied into utilizing "F***book" or "G***** +" at ANY rate.
"Just another display of utter IT-incompetence" ??

EDIT: has been responding to my reqest at 0:47 MiddleEuropeanTime and unblocked my account again.
So what are we learning from this. Frankly : I dunno.
I just hate repeated "misunderstandings" like that with Google Scholar  --- lets wait and see if keeps following this
example. Wasted time by the dozens of hours. Angry
Siggi K.
I got an Email yesterday from that they want to call me ad ask about my publishing habits... Weird. Bit I said, OK, go ahead.
Christian K.

No reconstruendum => No reconstruction.

Ut desint vires, tamen est laudanda voluntas.


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academia dot edu has been making me uncomfortable lately; they are very keen to take in and host things, but not so keen to let them out without signing in and disabling Javascript, and they do integrate with a lot of other American social networks. I would certainly recommend that people host their papers on their own website, and only link to them from, so they are as accessible as possible.
Nullis in verba

I left this forum around the beginning of 2013, but I hope that these old posts have some value

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