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Real Deal Spolas
Thanks, Caradepato! The kind comments in this thread keep me going. Almost done... Been trying to get my apartment cleaned and organized; getting this far created a big mess at home, but now I am almost back to working on it. Thanks again!
This has got to be, without a doubt, one of the greatest reconstruction armours that I've yet seen.

To follow on from Dan Howard's sentiment, You've gotta go full commando when it's done!

If you went into a time machine, You'd definitely have a line of hoplites lining up for your gear.
Not sure I deserve the kind praise! But, I am hoping to get back to work on this -this comeing weekend. A number of things besides typical end-of-project laziness came up. But I want to finish it soon.. Pics in full panoply to follow when everyhting put together.. Thanks, TheJackinati275 and everyone!

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