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Fake British History By The BBC
This snapshot from BBC's multi-part series "The Story of Britain" is seriously meant to portray a "typical family in Roman Britain".

I wonder at what point the political desire to be inclusive and 'multicultural' corrupts the quest for historical accuracy.

And I wonder at what point classicists and medievalists leave their ivory tower and speak out against this historical revisionism.

That this portrayal is not an accident or a one-off, but is intentionally done by the BBC to rewrite history can be seen from the other episodes of the series:

I think this multiculturalistic mindset is beginning to negatively affect the study of the discipline we love so much. And I believe this kind of fake history will be getting only worse if we do not speak out against it for fear of being labelled as you know so. Feel free to move it to off-topic though.
Stefan (Literary references to the discussed topics are always appreciated.)
I don't mind the Centurion that much, but the very dark Celt raised my eyebrow. The 'Hollywoad' didn't help either.

Btw, mind where the discussion goes from here. Modern politics can be discussed on other boards.
Robert Vermaat
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FECTIO Late Roman Society
(Maurikios-Strategikon, book VIII.2: Maxim 12)
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As someone who discusses such topics on other boards and generally agrees the portrayal is questionable, I definitely feel it is inappropriate here and we are better off on this particular board discussing such hot topics as glued laminated linen armor, the tin content of ancient bronze and what legion was where and when. This does not mean it is not an important topic, perhaps just not here.
Joe Balmos

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