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Augusta Raurica and Vindonissa cingulum plates and buckles.
After our participation in Augusta Raurica event 2016, I am inspired to recreate some archaeological finds that are related to this Roman Lime.
This buckle is specific and is rarely found in finds. This is the only picture that I found published.But the image gives a good idea of the object form. I have complied with the dimensions I found in a scientific publication from book Ad Arma written by Eckhard Deschler-Erb .
Located on exposure in Römermuseum Augst.
And my brass model and my creative wax work.

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Radostin Kolchev
(Adlocutio Cohortium)
Very nice!
Vindonissa Museum cingulum plate and buckle.
I have tried to deal with this task in the best way as much as possible.This is the only picture that I found published on the specialized internet sites,together with my finished brass model.But the image gives a fairly good idea of the objects.
Together with my wax work.

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Radostin Kolchev
(Adlocutio Cohortium)
The plate is very simple but it is typical for the early first quarter of 1 st century AD. Like the buckle is not anything unusual. But they are very charming in their own way.
This reconstruction here shows this (or very similar) belt model. The figure shows the legionnaire from early August period.

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Radostin Kolchev
(Adlocutio Cohortium)
Marvellous work in my favourite period. Splendid stuff.
Patrick J. Gray

'' Now. Close your eyes. It's but a short step to the boat, a short pull across the river.''
''And then?''
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From ''I, Claudius'', by J. Pulman after R. Graves.

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