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Rome Total Realism Is Back!
Hey citizens and members of RaT! I am ahowl11, and I am the current leader of the famous mod for RTW: Rome Total Realism (RTR).
My team and I came together around November 2013, after I had made a sub mod for RTR Platinum. We ended up releasing a nice little mod in February 2014 and then meddled and tinkered around for about a year, gathering resources, recruiting team members, researching like crazy and even going on a brief hiatus due to real life constraints. Then in May, I decided to completely remake RTR from scratch as the old game had many bugs and gameplay issues. Seeing as the golden age of RTW modding has long since been over, and many of us do not necessarily enjoy Total War Rome 2, we decided to make this project not just a game, but as best of a historical resource that we can!
Since May, we have recreated the entire map, set a faction list, and have an idea for multiple campaigns. We have also included all of the gameplay features from RTW vanilla, Barbarian Invasion, and the Alexander game as well. Check out our first preview here:

Currently, I have been working to get the mod hosted on a Git Server, so that every developer can contribute to it simultaneously which will speed progress up significantly, The process is almost complete, and once done we will resume development.
With the spare time, I have gone about looking to reorganize the team and community. One thing we are always in need of is historical discussion as well as research and scholarly knowledge. Our goal is for every description in the game to have cited sources, so that fans and players can research each topic on their own if they choose to do so!

Right now the game is still very vanilla, we decided to focus on the gameplay aspects first and finish with graphics. With that being said we are still researching the military components for every faction, and troop types from every region of the map.
I humbly come here to these forums, looking for new members to join our ranks. A lot of you fellows have shown dedication, enthusiasm and knowledge for various subjects in the classical and hellenistic world, and we would like as many of you to help RTR become as authentic as possible!

What we are looking for specifically are researchers and historians who can back up claims with sources. our goal is to make each faction in the game as unique as can be. The main campaign of the mod start at 270 BC and end in 30BC. I will list all of our factions and main regions below, with a comments on the coverage we have on them. This is where you can see if you can help out as some areas are in dire need of it!

1. The Roman Republic - Pretty much covered, it's not too hard to mess up on them
2. Carthage - Covered well, would like to have some clarity on the difference between Liby-Phoenician, Libyan, and Carthaginian Citizen troops, though we have a good general idea.
3. Antigonid Macedon - Are finishing up our second round of research here, think it is pretty accurate, but a question. Did their late phalangites undergo reforms to wear chain mail?
4. Seleucid Empire - Covered well, have yet to begin second round of research.
5. Ptolemaic Empire - Same as Seleucids
6. Pontus - Would like some help
7. Armenia - It would be amazing to get an expert with some sources on these guys. Hard to find much!
8. Parthia - Not as bad as Armenia, but up there.
9. Numidia - Up there with Armenia.
10. Iberians - Covered decently well, but we'd like to add an expert who knows the tribes and regions well.
11. Gauls - Not much has been done on them, would appreciate help!
12. Celtic Tribes - A new faction, that will represent other Celts, same as Gauls.
13. Germanic Tribes - Same as Gauls/Celts
14. Geto-Dacians - Have hardly anything
15. Sarmatians - A new faction, need anyone to give some insight.
16. Saka - Replacing Scythia. We have an expert here surprisingly, and he has done a remarkable job, not really needing help here.
17. Illyria - Would love some help here as it's hard to find much.
18. Greek Cities - Covered well, but military is kind of vague regarding how they fought: hoplites or thureophori or both? Basically we just need help on when to phase the hoplites out.
19. Nabataeans - New faction, need as much help as we can get here.
20. Hellenic Kingdoms - The greeks and lesser diadochi. Hard to find much on a lot of them.
21. Rebels - needed for gameplay, but will be very diverse.

Our main big regions are as follows, and we would like help researching all the peoples that inhabited them as we are trying to make our game very culturally accurate:

Western Mediterranean (Sicily, Sardinia, Corsica, Balearic Islands)
North Africa (West of Cyrene)
Alps/Central Europe
Western Balkans (Pannonia, Illyria, Dardania, Paeonia)
Eastern Balkans (Thrace, Moesia, Dacia, Scythia Minor)
Scythia (West of Caspian, including Bosphorus)
Greece (Including Aegean Islands)
Asia Minor
Egypt (West to Cyrene, South to Aethiopia)
The East (Bactria, Sogdiana, Arachosia, Gedrosia, Drangiana, Parthia, Hyrcania, Ferghana)
Steppes (Dahae, Massagetae, Chorasmia)

The map stops where Alexander turned around.

So if you are knowledgeable in any of the factions or areas above, comment here, or send me a message! If you know someone who is knowledgeable, let me know who they are so that I may contact them!


~ahowl11 RTR Leader
Rome Total Realism team leader
well good luck with everything
I am as humble student in Roman Warfare as you are but I would suggest to stop at 2 September 31 BC Actium Battle.

My interests are more like Imperial Rome then the Republic so I can't really help too much but I am sure that maybe some of our members here would like to be involved
Good luck again and welcome to the forums
Gelu I.
Thanks, yeah I am hoping to get some attention and my hope is that the people who know their stuff about various cultures and ancient military will find this project worth delving into!
Rome Total Realism team leader
Hey ahow11, you probably know me from TWC. If you want to know how to get Naval battles working in Alex I can tell you how to do it.
Yes I have seen you around, aren't you on the IB team?
Definitely interested, but I wonder how it would affect the engine.

Where is a good place on this site to get info and discussion on particular cultures and military units? Something tells me that not everyone visits this side of the forum.
Rome Total Realism team leader
ahowl please use your real name in your signature (as per forum rules)

there is a part of the forum named "allies and enemies of rome" but you can use the search function as well. and if you use it be careful if you don't specify so it will only show you result from the last year so do change this " A year ago" to "any date"

the forum really has a wealth of info in lots of domains. moreover if you have concrete questions open an new topic I am sure peeps will jump in and help with answers (and evidence)

If you would like I can help a little bit with the Geto- Dacians but I don't have time to get too much involved. Send me an PM here with what you would need
Gelu I.
Basically when you make naval battles playable, what a ship becomes (in Alex) is a swimming elephant (literally, that's the game mechanics you should use cause they have the ramming feature). The majority of the editing is in the Desc_model_battle file and the file for battlefields. You also have to program them so they won't get "exhausted" and "drown".

Problem is that when you do this, unit transport in the game gets negated, so you have to rely on land-bridges. So it's a compromise. I also don't remember how to disable them from swimming on land.

It's actually really easy to figure out in the Alex.exe engine, and the BI engine can support it only for historical battles. Hannibalcaesar could probably explain it better, but I haven't seen him in like 2 years.
Alright, thanks for the heads up, added.
Yes I have seen that section, I will try and get in contact with some of the people there. I have found a lot of good discussion here but all from years ago haha
Ah so you know about the Getai and Dacians, it'd be nice to have some accurate info on them!

Wow, how does it play? Is it really worth the feature?
Rome Total Realism team leader
We never really got that far that we were able to gameplay test it. All I know is that it worked. I'd recommend having a separate version of RTR as a test for it, with the Alex engine, while you develop it, to see if you like the feature.

If I can find hannibalcaesar's post where he explained to me how to do it, I'll forward that to you.
Sounds good thanks!
Rome Total Realism team leader
I'm confused, you're saying that you're making RTR for Rome II?

John F.
No. Not at all. We are making a new RTR for Rome 1. We have started from scratch to avoid a lot of bugs and know exactly what is in each file.
Rome Total Realism team leader

they try to be accurate. at least you can have some visual info on the Dacians from the site.

something in Romanian:

unfortunately I am not sure if you can use google translate on it. I can't
Gelu I.
I can use it yes, looks like some good info for sure thanks!

Right now we have been focusing on Rome, Carthage, and Macedon with regional focus on Italy. We are about finished but if anyone knows there stuff on any of those topics, please let me know.
Rome Total Realism team leader
Great news!

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