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Boardgames and solitaire wargames
Greetings friends,

I'm a lover of boardgames in general, and wargames too.

I know some boardgames based in Roman Empire as Republic of Rome, Trajan or Tribune. I strong recomend Republic of Rome. It's a bit difficult game to learn and plays are too long but it is great!!

About wargames I only knows a few of them, perhaps Caesar Deluxe from GMT is one of the most well known.

Do you know whether there are solitaire wargames about this time period?

Thank you!!

Jose Manuel
Have you played Command & Colours ancients? Love that one.

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine

It is a great game!! Even I have developed my own rules to play it in solitaire... although they are in Spanish language.

Unfortunately I only have the base game without expansion packs.

I know another game similar than C&C Ancients, but instead of blocks uses cards. It has been designed by a friends of me. I have take part in the project revising solitaire rules, developing campaign rules (I have designed a Hispania Campaign), some maps and playmat, and I have made a first translation to English language. The game is now at Kickstarter. I would like to introduce it here in a new post... I hope I can do today or tomorrow.

Best regards,

Jose Manuel
Did you see that some of the expansion packs are available again? And feel free to introduce the Kickstarter. Games are good!

Jasper Oorthuys
Webmaster & Editor, Ancient Warfare magazine
As far as I have seen recently at GMT web page some expansions are still available as for example 2/3 (Barbarians and Civil Wars), or 4 (imperial Rome)...

Thank you Jasper! I'll try to upload the info about the the other game this night.
Phalanx: An ancient battle game by Phil Sabin is simple yet quite enjoyable, available in Slingshot, 165, 15-24 (1993) and also in a back issue of Wargames Illustrated from about the same time.  This is really a two person across the board hex based board game but plays easily solo; focuses on deployment and manoeuvre rather than chance.

Sabin's more complex Legion can be played solo also and is available here:
Thank you Jonathan!! I didn't know it. It looksl like very interesting.
(10-28-2015, 09:58 PM)jmkinki Wrote: Thank you Jonathan!! I didn't know it. It looksl like very interesting.

You may dowload for free this free print & play boardgame. With activation chits it works fine solitaire:

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